The Foolproof Trick to Shaping Your Clients Brows

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Let's face it: shaping brows can be tricky. Thankfully, Jane Iredale Cosmetics’ Natalie Soto has a routine down pat. Check out her secrets to success here:

  1. Determining placement and shape is based on measurements beginning at the nose. This can be measured with a makeup brush or a pen. 
  2. Place the brush onto the nostril angled straight upward toward the forehead.
  3. Place a small dot on the spot where the brush hits the brow bone. This is where the brow should begin. 
  4. Follow by placing the brush on the nostril again and rest it at an angle toward the forehead. It should sit crossing the pupil of the eye. 
  5. Place a dot where it touches the brow bone. This is the exact placement for the arch of the brow.
  6. Lastly, using the end of the brush, place it on the outer corner of the eye where the top and bottom lashes meet, and angle the brush toward the hairline.
  7. Place a dot when you feel the brow bone. This is where the brow should end. Connect the dots to create the proper shape for your client’s face. 
  8. The only time this shape should be adjusted is when dealing with a mature client. For this client, the brow should end a bit higher to create a lifting illusion. The thickness of the brow is a personal preference, but those with smaller eyes or a smaller forehead area should opt for a thinner brow to give the face a balanced look. 


This Trick Will Help You Better Shape Your Client's Brows

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