Four Brow and Lash Trends Both Pros and Clients Love

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Here's the deal: the lash and brow trend continues to grow in popularity each year. What’s more, lashes and brows are now just as important on the runways as makeup, nails, and hair.

“Over the past couple of years, both brows and lashes have become a trend,” says Natalie Soto, global makeup artist and educator for Jane Iredale Cosmetics. “We’ve seen eyebrows become a fashion statement—from full bushy brows having a big impact on runway shows for various seasons of Fashion Week to squiggly brow trends on Instagram. We have also seen lash trends change—from false lash strips to the ease of eyelash extensions and tinting. Both brow and lash services allow clients the ease of trying these trends without having to spend too much time daily with makeup prep. These services allow clients to wake up makeup ready.” 

We asked our experts what they think are the hottest trends in brow shaping and lashes, and here’s what they had to say:

  • “The current trend in lashes at the moment is bigger is better. Everyone wants eyelashes that are very thin, very curly, and very long–C and D curl, .03-.07mm thickness, and long lengths, such as 14mm to 18mm. This type of lash and brow look frames and emphasizes two of the most important facial features: the eyes.”—Esther Bolkin, founder, Glad Lash
  • “Microblading has taken the brow world by storm. This is a semi-permanent option where pigment is inserted into the upper layers of skin. If done correctly, this service can look very natural and last anywhere from one to three years. Lash extensions have taken the place of both false lashes and mascara. There isn’t a need for messy eyelash glue or hard-to-remove mascara. Eyelash extensions are used to add length and fullness.”—Natalie Soto, global makeup artist and educator, Jane Iredale Cosmetics
  • “Women are using brows and lashes to feel sexier or sultrier. A big trend right now is to fill in the brows with products and have full fluttery lashes. A lot of people are doing the ombré brow where the arch and tail of the brow are darker and the front is lighter, which allows the eyes to be defined and open. With lashes, women are loving full lashes, whether it’s layering mascaras or adding false lashes. This gives that very sultry look.”—Kayla Parks, national training director, Chella
  • “With brows, the trend of the moment is definitely a fuller brow, although it is not easy for everyone to achieve. As more people look to achieve the fuller brow, this is where brow waxes and brow gels really come into their own. They are amazing for styling the brows and taming them into a perfect position where it may be difficult for the brow hair to grow back. Lash trends right now are much more wispy and fluffier with a mixture of all different lengths, which can really create different dimensions along the lash line. People are coming away from the more regimented look in favor of a more natural and fluffier lash appearance.” —Andrea McQuade, 2018 Novalash Brand Ambassador and owner,  Andrea's Beauty Box (Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland). 


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