How-To: Boom Boom Brow Bar's New Hard Wax

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Waxing used to be the embodiment of the phrase "beauty is pain." After all, strip wax takes everything with it from the root of the hair follicle to the dead skin cells that are left behind from shaving. Malynda Vigliotti, founder of Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York City, mastered the use of soft, strip wax when she developed Flash Wax, which is ideal for fine, baby hairs on the lip and brow areas. But when her clients wanted to wax other areas of the body, she knew soft wax wasn't the right thing to use.

So Vigliotti then developed Striptease, a low-temperature hard wax that doesn't require a strip. Ideal for the sensitive parts of the body that typically respond better to hard wax, like bikini or under arms, the wax is gentle, flexible, and never cracks.

“The better your wax is, the better your results will be with your hair removal services,” says Vigliotti. “The other very important thing to remember is to apply wax in the direction that the hair grows and pull it off in the opposite direction."

Here, learn how to use Boom Boom Brow Bar's new Striptease hard wax:

  •   Heat wax until warm, not hot.

  • Check wax temperature on your wrist; it should be a warm, creamy consistency.

  • Clean your client's skin with antiseptic wipe.

  • Dip a wooden spatula into the wax and spread a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Let the wax set and harden.
  • Pull in opposite direction of hair growth.

  • Remove any residue with soothing oil and clean with an antiseptic wipe.

When applied correctly, waxing won't make your client's hair break off. Following her mantra of "no follicle left behind," Vigliotti developed Striptease to remove hair from the follicle so it will grow back at the same time, which also makes the area look cleaner for longer.

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