How-To: The "Game of Thrones" Facial

Watch Lora Condon perform the DMK Enzyme Facial on ET host Keltie Knight // Photo via Entertainment Tonight video (

A quick search of the hashtags “Game of Thrones Facial,” “Dragon Facial,” “Grandma Facial,” and “Zombie Facial” on Instagram all turn up a number of similar images–people on the treatment table with a mask that makes their skin look scaly and flaky. While the photos themselves can be jarring at first, the results from the treatment are anything but. Clients who are sharing these otherworldly selfies are actually getting a DMK Enzyme Facial, a protocol developed by Danné Montague-King, founder of the DMK skincare brand.

The treatment utilizes oxygen and enzymes to help treat rosacea, chronic acne, hyperpigmentation, and more. The protocol’s key component, a mask which hardens into the wrinkles shown on social media, is made of herbs, minerals, and enzymes that help promote blood flow and oxygen in the blood, which brings vitamins and minerals to the skin’s surface. As a result, during the treatment clients can often see their capillaries transferring nutrients under the skin. The treatment requires no down time, though as with most facials might render the skin a touch pink for short while post-treatment.

Lora Condon, licensed esthetician, founder of The Beauty Buster, and owner of Jersey Boutique Spa (Westfield, NJ), recently performed the DMK Enzyme Facial on Entertainment Tonight host Keltie Knight. Here, discover Condon’s step-by-step protocol to the DMK Enzyme Facial.

Duration: 90 minutes
Suggested Pricing: $100 - $250

Products Needed:

  • Mediterranean Pearls Cleanser.
  • Firmatrix
  • Transgenesis
  • Elevate
  • Eye Web
  • A to Z
  • Wetter Than Water

Entertainment Tonight Protocol:

1. Cleanse the skin with Mediterranean Pearls Cleanser. I used it to remove Keltie's makeup since she came with a full face of makeup for her pre-interview. I did leave on her mascara to save time and so she still looked pretty after she left the spa. The cleanser has encapsulated microspheres of olive fruit oil and Vitamin B that dissolve on the skin.

2. Exfoliate with Quick Peel, a light lactic acid, and cassia. The acid exfoliates and the cassia creates a pseudo-heat that increases circulation and starts the oxygenation process, pretty much like waking up the skin! When it dried I rubbed it off like a gommage.

3. Warm towels and extractions.

4. Apply Melanotech Drops, which are melanin inhibitors and then apply Fibromax C, a 20 percent pure acorbic acid.

5. Application of the enzyme mask #1 in upward strokes on the face, neck and chest, to reeducate the muscles as it hardens. This mask constricts the capillaries to force a back flushing of the capillaries, which brings blood, oxygen, vitamins and minerals to any area where the mask is applied. The enzymes spark reactions in the cells and stimulate ATP in the mitochondria and thus cells become healthy and fully functioning and able to reproduce more healthy cells. The mask stays on for 45 minutes to complete the process. Reflexology while masking to help with detoxification and relaxation.

6. Remove the mask with warm water and cleanser.

7. Application of Firmatrix Serum for ultra firming, peptides, beta glucan, and Vitamin C. Application of Eye Web under and around the eye area for extra firming. I also applied it around the lips for lip protection, hydration, and fine lines. Apply Wetter Than Water, a spray emulsion for deep and time released hydration and Transgenesis cream on the face for antioxidant protection. Apply Elevate neck cream, which also has cassia, for muscle stimulation to plump up fine lines and extra firming of the neck area. A to Z tinted SPF cream in Sun Kissed Nude to finish the look and provide SPF.


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