Step-by-Step: The Thémaé Ceremony

Step-by-Step: The Thémaé Ceremony // Photo credit: OlegKov/iStock/Getty Images Plus

For your clients with dry and irritated skin, Thémaé recently unveiled three new body balms that nourish, moisturize, stimulate, and enhance the skin. The texture of the balms was developed to treat the senses by melting into the skin without leaving a greasy finish. Each with its own unique scent, the balms are ideal for use in any Thémaé service. Here, discover how to incorporate them into the brand’s signature treatment, The Thémaé Ceremony.

A complete treatment for the face and body, The Thémaé Ceremony consists of three parts to enhance the skin from head-to-toe—a body massage, a facial, and a foot massage. This 75-minute treatment is designed to release tension in the back, relax the legs, moisturize the skin, and refresh the complexion. 

Each Thémae treatment begins with a welcome ceremony, which includes a tea tasting, a foot bath, and a chance for the client to select which of the three new balms they’d like incorporated into their treatment.

  • Baume de Printemps (Balm of the Springs) offers scents of citrus mixed with fig tree, bergamont, and neroli to provide a natural sense of relaxation.
  • Baume Des Quatre Thés (Balm of the Four Teas) provides notes of jasmine and apricot mixed with shea, cotton blossom, vanilla, and brown sugar designed to evoke a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.
  • Baume Délicieux Thé En Orient (Delicious Tea Balm in the Orient) mixes sweet spices like patchouli, ylang-ylang, and amber with vanilla, jasmine, and orange blossom to create an enchanting and sensual atmosphere.

Once your welcome ceremony is complete and your client has selected their choice in balm, The Thémaé Ceremony can begin. 

  1. Relaxing Massage: The Thémaé Ceremony begins with a deep back massage that releases tension and procures total relaxation.
  2. Hydra’thé Facial: Once your client has begun to relax, they are primed for the Hydra’thé Facial. This essential facial combines relaxing strokes and gentle stretching to regenerate stressed and dehydrated urban skin. Suffused with moisture, the facial leaves the skin feeling fresh and plump. Follow the steps below to complete the perfect Hydra’thé Facial:

    A. Remove any makeup your client has on his or her face.
    B. Using soft brushes, conduct a deep cleansing of the skin. 
    C. Exfoliate any dead skin that developed after the deep cleanse
    D. Unclog any pores using steam.
    E. Use Ridokis, Vietnamese facial instruments, to stimulate microcirculation and activate oxygenation, helping the active ingredients being used in the facial to be better absorbed.
    F. Sculpt your clients face with acupressure performed with Thémaé’s Four Teas Oil.
    G. Apply a detoxifying mask.
  3. Foot Massage: Returning to the body, the ceremony continues with a sculpting foot massage that provides an instant feeling of lightness. 

Upon the conclusion of the foot massage, evoke a stimulation of the senses by ringing a gong to announce the end of the ceremony. If available, spray a tea mist to stimulate the senses for a gentle awakening of your client’s senses. After the treatment, invite your client to linger and taste in any teas they did not taste during their welcome ceremony.


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