How-To: Hydration Therapy for Hormonally Dry Skin from Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts

Advanced Rejuvenation Concepts's facial protocol is great for hormonal skin // Photo Credit: "undefined undefined"/iStock/Getty Images Plus

When clients think of hormonal skin they tend to focus on their pre-teen children, when in reality, hormones can affect skin of any age. Yes, the skin can—and will—change during puberty, and likely during pregnancy as well, but an often overlooked age group that can be affected by hormonal skin is menopausal women. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, as hormone levels plummet the skin can become dry, slack, and thin.

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts developed a one-hour facial protocol which incorporates a blend of ingredients that promote radiant skin for menopausal women who experience dry and crepey skin with advanced signs of aging. The Blue Enzyme Peel contains 25 percent lactic acid with bromelian to exfoliate and hydrate skin, and it infuses the skin with wild yam extract for hormonal skin support. Ultrasonic infusion with hyaluronic acid, ester C, and argireline peptides plump the skin and reduce wrinkle appearance. An application of Youthful You cream with Progesterone USP to combat hormonal dryness and texture. Plus, chirally correct and bioidentical ingredients in the facial make for long lasting results.

Here's how to perform Advanced Rejuvenation Concepts's Hydration Therapy for Hormonally Dry Skin on your clients:

  1. Perform a deep skin cleansing with Fruitzyme Cleanser and Fruitzyme Conditioner. 
  2. Dry the skin and apply a fine layer of Blue Enzyme Peel. Neutralize after two minutes. 
  3. Gently perform extractions as needed. Follow with a second cleansing (if necessary) and facial massage.  
  4. Apply soothing Herbal Mask to the face and perform a neck, shoulder, décolleté, hand and arm massage for up to 15 minutes before removing the mask. 
  5. Emulsify the Rest-N-Restore HA complex and Opti-Renew ester C complex together and apply liberally to the face. Then infuse the products into the skin with the Ultrasonic spatula on penetration mode. 
  6. Apply Wrinkle Release Argireline peptide serum to the forehead, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds. Then infuse the product into the skin with the Ultrasonic spatula on penetration mode. 
  7. Finish the facial with an application of Youthful You progesterone cream and Sun Protectant. 


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