How To: Karin Herzog's Special Edition Chocolate Facial

Here are the steps to the Karin Herzog Special Edition Chocolate Facial // Credit: kazmulka/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Karin Herzog, a leading developer in oxygenated skincare, has developed a sweet facial that its clients have grown to love. Enter: the special edition chocolate facial. This relaxing face treatment uses indulgent chocolate ingredients that guarantees an instant pick-me-up and antioxidant benefits thanks to the raw cocoa materials being delivered to the skin. The facial usually lasts 60 minutes, or 90 minutes if your client wants to add on a 30-minute massage. Suggested re-booking is every four to six weeks. Find out below what you’ll need and how to perform this sweet treat for your clients.

Products Needed:

  • Oxygen Body 3%
  • Finest Chocolate Cleansing
  • Mild Scrub
  • Vita-A-Kombi Oil
  • Chocolate Mask (2 tsp. raw organic cocoa powder mixed with Mask Level 1 Face)
  • Oxygen Hand & Nail
  • Vita-A-Kombi 1 or 2, depending on client needs
  • Egyptian Earth Finishing Powder
  • Facial Gauze Strips
  • Ceramic Dish
  • Brushes – two small and one large KH brushes
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Timer
  • Warm Towels
  • Cotton Pads


  • Preparation: Apply headband to client before sanitizing your dry hands with a hazelnut size of Oxygen Body 3%. Let the product absorb for one minute and then rinse. Then, analyze your clients skin and discuss the treatment with them, making any customization suggestions as needed.
  • Cleanse: The treatment starts with a gentle makeup removal/cleansing, using the Finest Chocolate Cleansing gel. Warm the product between the fingers and apply all over the face, eyes and neckline with circular, massaging movements. This cleanser is non-irritating, therefore ideal for the eyes and will remove even waterproof makeup. Tip: If desired, the gel can be applied directly to a damp cotton pad, placed on the eyes and after a minute gently wipe to remove eye makeup. When the light massage is finished, remove the chocolate gel with a warm towel (soaked in luke warm water) or sponge. Use the “Asian” method of wrapping the towel around the clients face from below and then wipe off gently. Repeat until all traces of makeup or buildup are removed.
  • Exfoliation: Proceed with a facial scrub by applying Mild Scrub gently. Squeeze a hazelnut sized amount onto your hands and work into the skin using circular movements. Overall time for this should not exceed 1 minute. Tip: As the Mild Scrub is very concentrated, add a small amount of the Chocolate Oil to emulsify the product and to facilitate the massage. The scrub grains are also easier to remove. Make sure to remove all traces of the scrub; this might take 2-3 wipes with the warm towel or sponge.
  • Extractions: Before proceeding with the blackhead extraction, apply a thin layer of Choco 2 on all parts of the face where the extraction will be done. Use the small KH brush (avoid facial hair e.g. eyebrows and lashes as it may lighten). Place the plastic face wrap on the clients face. To accentuate the effects of the oxygen, drape a warm towel on top of the plastic wrap to compress. Re-apply a new compress half way through the step. This process replaces the steamer action, softens the sebum and thus facilitates their extraction.  For oily, congested skin leave on for 10 minutes, but for all other skin types leave on for five minutes. Then, remove the plastic wrap in each section as needed to perform extractions. Blot with tissues if area has excess product. Once all extractions have been completed, apply a thin film of Choco 2 in order to soothe any irritation caused by the extraction. This will prevent red patches on the face after the treatment.
  • Massage: Perform a relaxing, 10-minute massage of the face and under the chin area with a few drops of the Vita-A-Kombi Oil. Do not massage on acneic skin. Leave the face oil on once complete; there is no need to remove. Tip: If a full massage (additional 20 minutes) is desired, broaden the massaged area to include the full neck and chest.
  • Mask: Using the small KH brush, apply a thick layer of the Chocolate Mask made from the instructions above. It must be freshly prepared by mixing a walnut-sized amount of Mask Level 1 Face with two tablespoons of fine, organic raw cocoa powder in a bowl. Apply the mask on top of the remaining Vita-A-Kombi Oil, while consciously avoiding facial hair like eyebrows and lashes. It is desirable to also apply a thin layer of the mask to the eyelids and eye area, as well as to the lips if they are dry and chapped. For normal skin, leave to act for 15 minutes, and for oily and blotchy skin leave on for between 5 and 10 minutes. Tip: If desired, while the mask is left to act, you can quickly massage the client’s hands or feet. Perform a hand massage using Oxygen Hand and Nail on one hand, then repeat on the other. If desired, the same can be repeated on the client’s feet using the Neutral Oil. First, apply Oxygen Body 3% using the large KH brush on both feet, leave to sit for five minutes, wipe off, then proceed with the massage using the oil. After the desired time, remove the mask with a warm towel or sponge. Use the “Asian” method of wrapping the towel around the clients face from below and then wipe off gently. Repeat until all traces of the mask are removed.
  • Finishing Up: To ensure that the client leaves the salon with a magnificent, luminous complexion, even if they is not wearing make-up, lightly brush on Egyptian Earth Finishing Powder in the most suitable shade. Do not forget the neck and ears. Additional make-up, if powder-based, can also be applied. A natural, glowing effect is guaranteed!

Once your client is dressed again and ready to check out, suggest a few retail products for them to take home. Some useful retail products for the special edition chocolate facial include Finest Chocolate Cleansing; Mild Scrub; Eye cream; Vita-A-Kombi Cream 1, 2 or Choco2; Chocolate! Comfort Cream; and E&R Serum.


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