How To: Lira Clinical's Probiotic Power Treatment 

Photos courtesy of Lira Clinical(Getty Images)

Refresh all skin types with this Lira Clinical's new Probiotic Power Treatment. The detoxifying treatment releases impurities with charcoal and pumpkin enzymes while restoring skin vitality with botanical antioxidants, probiotics, and peptides. “Probiotics have been a part of the wellness movement for years," says Francine Kagarakis, cofounder and co-owner of Lira Clinical. "They help to balance the skin’s natural biome by safeguarding against environmental and extrinsic aging factors. Designer peptides are also a huge part of this treatment to target certain skin conditions. Lira Clinical utilizes peptides that are collagen building, neuro-transmitter blocking, brightening, hydrating, and has now introduced a healing peptide delivery system that shields while delivering actives to correct and repair skin. The combination of peels, peptides, and probiotics is truly a game changer and shows how Lira Clinical is redefining aesthetics.”

Here's how you can help clients get the skin they want with the new and powerful treatment.

What You'll Need:

Bio Hydra C Serum: Safeguard skin with this 20 percent vitamin C moisturizer infused with topical probiotics, nourishing plant stem cells, Masq-tech, and brightening botanicals.

Ice Refining Masque: Purify skin with this detoxifying charcoal and clay-based mask. Healing peptides are combined with plant stem cells and brightening Masq-tech for the ultimate in skin balancing.

Pumpkin Plus Definer: Exfoliate and refine fine lines and wrinkles with this peptide and probiotic-rich fermented pumpkin peel. It is infused with brightening botanicals, plant stem cells, AHAs, and retinol.



1. CLEANSE: Cleanse with Mystiq iLuminating Cleanser, then with the Pro Exfoliating Cleanser, and remove.

2. DETOX: Apply the Ice Refining Masque, and allow skin to rest for five minutes as it dries, detoxes, and removes impurities. Spritz with pH Solution, massaging it to create a creamy texture, and remove.

3. EXFOLIATE: Massage Mystiq iLuminating Polisher into skin for about 45 seconds. Do not remove. Apply Pumpkin Plus Definer to entire facial area. Allow skin to rest for one to two minutes, monitoring your client’s erythema, before removing the mixture completely.

4. BRIGHTEN: Spritz pH Solution across face, then massage in three or four drops of Pro Lite Serum.

5. PROBIOTIC/HYDRATE: Massage Bio Hydra C Serum into face followed by two to three drops of Mystiq iLuminating Beauty Oil.

6. PRETOX: Apply BB Conceal Rose over the entire facial region.

7. EYES & LIPS: Gently massage Mystiq Perfecting Eye Crème into eye area and apply Bio Lip Factor to lips.

8. PROTECT: Apply SPF Solar Shield 30 of choice.



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