How To: Pevonia's Micro-Pores Bio-Active Ampoule Treatment

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Featuring cutting-edge technology and a proprietary blend of bio-actives and natural ingredients, Pevonia's Micro-Pores Bio-Active Ampoule Treatment works to visibly refine pores, reduce oil production, and brighten the complexion. By combining a probiotic peptide extract and red clover flower extract, this potent ampoule is quickly and easily absorbed for immediate visible results. 

“I am so impressed with Pevonia’s new line," says Tamara Searson, lead esthetician of Millennium Day Spa (Tallahassee, FL). "I have many clients who have come in with concerns of congestion and enlarged pores. After performing the new Micro-Pores Bio-Active Complexion Perfection Facial, these clients are now experiencing clearer skin—their pores are visibly smaller, and their complexions are beautiful and matte. I attribute this incredible transformation to Pevonia’s new treatment and at-home collection. Micro-Pores Bio-Active is a game-changing solution to these common skin concerns.”

Discover how to perform the Pevonia Micro-Pores Bio-Active Treatment on your clients with the protocol below.

What You'll Need: Pevonia's Micro-Pores Bio-Active Collection

With an astounding 83 percent of consumers experiencing decreased oiliness and 77 percent with minimized pores, Pevonia’s new Micro-PoresTM Bio-Active Collection is a groundbreaking solution to one of the largest skin concerns among clients today. Pevonia harnesses the power of two breakthrough bio-actives that work hand in hand with the skin’s natural physiology to tighten the pores and mattify the skin for a perfectly refined and flawless complexion.


Step by Step:

1: Remove eye makeup and wipe eyelids with Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. Cleanse face with Hydrating Cleanser followed by Hydrating Toner.

2: Cover eyes with pads moist with Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. Apply Clear-O-ZymTM over face and neck. Apply steamer for 10 minutes; work Clear-O-ZymTM under steamer, as needed.

3: Remove Clear-O-ZymTM. Proceed with extractions, if needed. Use Phyto-Gel Cleanser, remove thoroughly, and follow with Hydrating Toner.

4: Apply Micro-PoresTM Bio-Active Concentrate Ampoule on affected areas with targeted massage. Apply remaining ampoule all over face, and proceed with full massage.

5: Apply “C” Evolutive Eye Gel around the eyes, and cover with eye pads moist with Anti-Stress Eye Lotion.

6: Apply Micro-PoresTM Bio-Active Mask over face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse and follow with Hydrating Toner.

7: Apply Micro-PoresTM Refine Cream over face, neck, and décolleté.



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