The Spa Ritual That is a Must for Brides

The Curandera Ritual at Luna y Mar

Named for the moon and the sea, Luna y Mar spa at the Resort at Pedregal (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) offers the Curandera Ritual for clients who want an emotional release. The ritual is often requested for soon-to-be brides and her bridesmaids as a way for close family and friends to pour positive energy over the bride before the wedding. It can also be booked as a cleansing experience to help clients dissolve burdening emotions. The Mexican healing spa treatment is led by an herbal folk healer. To learn more about the ritual, read the protocol below.

Before the ritual:

The alter is prepared before the guests arrive. The healer will call the four elements and light of the universe with prayers.

During the ritual:

As each guest enters the room he or she will be cleansed with burning sage or another incense (depending on the intention of the ritual). Flower petals are also offered to the guests. During the ritual, each participant will pass his or her wishes to flower petals, and then these petals will be used to shower the bride or main participant. During this time, the healer calls for the four elements and light from the universe. The petals are then gathered back up and poured into the ocean for healing purposes or given back to the earth for nourishing purposes. The ritual lasts for 30 to 45 minutes.


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