Step-by-Step: The Province Apothecary Natural Facelift Ritual

Here's how to perform Province Apothecary's two-step Natural Facelift Ritual // Photo via Province Apothecary/@Province Apothecary on Youtube

When American Spa met with Julie Clark, holistic esthetician and founder of Province Apothecary recently, she let us in on her secret weapon to ensuring healthy skin from the inside out: the Natural Facelift Ritual. 

The two-step ritual combines acupressure point stimulation as well as a simple manual massage to help rejuvenate and maintain beautiful skin. According to Clark, it works best incorporated into your clients daily skincare regime along side their usual skincare line. Benefits of the two-minute Facelift Ritual include encouraging blood flow and cell regeneration to strengthen and support the body’s natural function. Skin that feels dull and lifeless will be rejuvenated and detoxified through the stimulation of the acupressure points, creating a brighter, less congested appearance. Clark’s massage technique works to ease tension and support the tone and elasticity in facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as approve overall skin texture.

Step One: Acupressure Points

  • Start by stimulating points one through 11 in order according to the graphic below. Press each point with index finger and hold for three seconds using medium pressure. Be sure to start on a clean and dry face.

Step Two: Massage Technique

  • Follow steps one through 12 in order according to the graphic below, using both hands simultaneously for each movement. Prepare the skin by applying Province Apothecary Toner + Face Serum, or your spa’s favorite toner and serum. 

 For a more in-depth look at the technique, check out the video below where Clark walks us through how to perform the signature treatment step by step.

Download a PDF of the step-by-step protocol from Province Apothecary's website, here. For more information on the Natural Facelift Ritual, visit

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