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Whether you’re an outgoing extrovert that loves being surrounded by people, or a solo introvert that needs alone time to recharge; everyone has a personality type. But how many of us are aware that our personality type coincides with our fitness style? Not many. According to a study done by American Council on Exercise, people are more likely to stick with an exercise that’s correlated with their personality type. Have clients that are dead set against exercising? Try setting them up with a workout that corresponds well with their personality type. Here, wellness holiday specialists at Health and Fitness Travel have a guide composed of five workout personalities for you to tell your clients.

The Go-Getter

If your client is living life in the fast lane and they’re constantly looking for a new challenge, then they’re definitely a Go-Getter. Go-Getters tend to be intense individuals who like guided training plans to achieve personal goals, such as losing weight or improving overall fitness. Go-getters thrive on high intensity training, cardio conditioning, and competitive sports. These workout junkies are often highly motivated and excel at what ever activity they choose, but when they don’t see results right away, they tend to become impatient and frustrated. Time-sensitive, specific, and action-oriented approaches are recommended for this personality type.


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Favorite workouts: HIIT, spinning, triathlon

Top three healthy holidays for Go-Getters: 

Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary Fitness 

St Lucia: Tri St Lucia Triathlon

UK: Target Fitness Get Fit Fast

The Planner

If your client is a control-freak that loves routine, then they’re probably a Planner. These individuals tend to be more introverted and favor doing physical activities by themselves. This personality-type has a passion for workouts involving mind-body connection and self-focus. Any activity that can be enjoyed alone, like yoga and running, is favored by a Planner. These personality types tend to go for comfortable exercises, so adding challenges and new techniques is key. 

Favorite workouts: Yoga, Pilates, running

Top three healthy holidays for Planners: 

Sri Lanka: Santani Yoga 

Spain: Shanti Som Pilates Retreat 

India: Shreyas Silent Retreat

The Social Butterfly

If your client one of these people who can talk your ear off, then they’re probably a Social Butterfly. These individuals thrive on the social experience, so breaking a sweat with other people is more important than the workout itself. Social Butterflies are typically a bundle of positive energy and have flexibility when it comes to exercising. Therefore, they’re open to trying different workouts, as long as it involves people. It’s obvious that group fitness classes and team sports best suit these individuals. 

Favorite workouts: Beach volleyball, fitness boot camps, racquet sports

Top three healthy holidays for Social Butterflies: 

Spain: The Body Camp 

St Lucia: BodyHoliday September Solos 

Greece: Wildfitness Crete

The Adventurer

If your client has a knack for exploring and trying new things, they’re probably an Adventurer. These personality types love anything that’s spontaneous – the more risks the better. This personality can be easily translated over to their fitness life. Adventurers tend to favor any outdoor activity, like zip-lining through a forest or going white-water rafting. Though they still acquire a need to see results, they tend to be impulsive which makes it harder to stick to a routine. Overall, these adrenaline junkies need a lot of variety to stay in the game. 

Favorite workouts: Mountain trekking, surfing, canyoning

Top Three healthy holidays for Adventurers: 

Oman: Zighy Bay Sense of Adventure

Costa Rica: Costa Rica Discover Recover

USA: Red Mountain Essential Fitness

The Chameleon 

Is your client extroverted some days, and introverted other days? If so, then they’re a Chameleon. These individuals have a multitude of facets, just like their normal personality. Some days they feel like a Planner, and other days they feel like an Adventurer. It all depends on their mood and attitude. Sometimes they feel like breaking a sweat with a couple of friends, and other days they feel like bringing their energy inwards while doing yoga. Variety and balance is essential for a Chameleon.

Favorite workout: Depends on their mood

Top three healthy holidays for Chameleons: 

Portugal: Galo Fusion Fitness

St Lucia: BodyHoliday 

Thailand: Kamalaya Fusion Fitness



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