Four Trending Med Spa Treatments that Are Safe to Get During the Summer

Photography: Getty Images

While clients often avoid getting laser treatments and other medical spa procedures in the summer, there are some treatments that clients still feel comfortable booking in the warmer months, especially before a vacation or event. Here are the treatments to market this summer to give your bottomline a boost.

Wendy Lewis, esthetics expert and president of Wendy Lewis & Co, a beauty-marketing consulting agency, believes summer will be about injectables, body treatments, and topical skin treatments. This summer, she says, clients will be seeking ways to lessen the appearance of crow’s feet and forehead lines. She suggests offering Jeuveau, which includes four injectable treatments to treat fine lines.

As for the body, it’s no surprise that Coolsculpting is on the mind of body-conscious clients, but they’re also seeking out Emsculpt, which works by building muscle in the body. The procedure uses electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles. Lastly, clients are requesting microneedling this year to not only treat lines and wrinkles but also acne scarring and stretch marks.


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