Mia Aesthetics Hires New Plastic Surgeon

Photo credit: Visual Generation/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Mia Aesthetics (Miami and Austin, TX) announced that its newest hire, Abel Giorgis, M.D., will joining the Mia Aesthetics Miami team, bringing the team to more than five plastic surgeons. Giorgis has 14 years of experience, combining his schooling, residency, and fellowship along with and an additional two years of working at an esteemed plastic surgery clinic. He has had a chance to practice multiple aspects of the plastic surgery field – from actual surgery, to the business side, to mentoring. Giorgis says that he enjoys doing all types of plastic surgery and he believes that there is nothing more artistic than taking someone that already looks good and making them look even better by applying their vision in the most proportional and aesthetically pleasing way.


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