There's an Uptick of Facial Injuries Around July 4th

jacoblund/iStock /Getty Images Plus(Fireworks)

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is reminding the public to exercise caution when launching fireworks during this holiday week. According to the annual survey by AAFPRS, facial plastic surgeons report that facial trauma is the fourth most common reason for reconstructive facial plastic surgery. The Consumer Product Safety 2017 Fireworks Annual Report found that more than three quarters of firework injuries occur in the head, neck, or upper extremities. 

“Every year around the July 4th holiday, emergency rooms see an uptick on facial trauma injuries due to firework injuries which could include severe burns, lacerations, visual impairment, and hearing loss,” says William H. Truswell, facial plastic surgeon and president of the AAFPRS. “Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons are trained to treat patients who require post-traumatic reconstruction procedures due to summer-related accidents like firework injuries. Facial reconstructive surgery is complex so we always advise patients to ‘trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon.”

Here are some tips for safely setting off fireworks. 

  •  Keep children away from fireworks.
  • Never re-light or handle fireworks that are not fully ignited. 
  • Keep a bucket of water or hose on hand for emergencies. 
  • Light fireworks on at a time and back away quickly. 


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