Award-Winning Columbia University Professor Dolores Barclay to Speak at WIW

Dolores Barclay will speak at American Spa's Women in Wellness Conference // Photo Credit: Dolores Barclay

Although corporate social responsibility makes good business sense, it often takes leaders with courage to create an environment that values ethical decision making. Dolores Barclay, an award-winning journalist, author, producer, and professor, will share the importance of navigating business with honesty and principled leadership in a session titled, “Leading with Integrity and Purpose to Create a Culture that Inspires a Commitment to Doing the Right Thing,” at American Spa’s Women in Wellness Leadership Conference on March 12 at Edison Ballroom in New York City.

Barclay will draw on her years of experience as an AP investigative reporter and editor covering city hall, federal and criminal courts, and the culture beat. An advocate for truth in journalism and in our daily lives, she’ll reveal insightful advice on becoming a leader who inspires respect and loyalty.

In addition to serving as former National Writer and Arts editor of The Associated Press, Barclay sits on the Advisory Board of City University Center for the Arts. She also worked on the investigative series, “Torn from the Land,” which was awarded the Aronson Prize for Social Justice Journalism, the APME Enterprise Award, and the Griot Award of the New York Association of Black Journalists. It was also submitted for a Pulitzer Prize.

Barclay is also the manager of the Lipman Center for Journalism, Civil and Human Rights at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has taught feature writing at Rutgers University and is the co-author of A Girl Needs Cash: Take Charge of Your Financial Life and Sammy Davis Jr. A Personal Journey with My Father. She also worked with Diana Ross on her best-selling memoir, Secrets of a Sparrow. Barclay, who is a producer on a documentary about legendary film producer Sam Spiegel, is currently working on her first novel and a publishing and video project with supermodel Frederique van der Wal.

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