Celebrate Kate Middleton’s Birthday with Royal-Inspired Treatments at Argentta Spa

Celebrate Kate Middleton's birthday with royal-inspired treatments at Argentta Spa // Photo courtesy of Argentta Spa

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, better known to some as Kate Middleton, is celebrating her 37th birthday on January 9. In honor of the celebration, Argentta Spa at Washington D.C.’s famous Watergate Hotel is offering specials to help clients feel like true royalty.

The Rose Gold Facial (60 minutes, $200) utilizes rose-infused products to help hydrate and calm the skin and features a gold mask to brighten the face. Perfect for all skin types, the rose’s calming effects are especially beneficial for sensitive and oily skin. The hour-long treatment is sure to help you achieve the Duchess’s youthful appearance.

The Royal Manicure (45 minutes, $55; 60 minutes, $75) features products utilizing royal jelly to provide anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it super nourishing for dry or sensitive skin. Finish up with the polish color of your choice—and no, you don’t have to pick a subtle nude like the Royal Family does.


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For those interested in a service with their very own prince or princess, the Duke and Duchess Body Scrub (50 minutes, $340) is performed in a treatment-room so you and your partner can relax in tandem. Enjoy an exfoliating scrub and a luxurious body balm which features a fresh, natural scent to leave you both feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

End your service with a Duchess Make Over (30 minutes, $80) that will leave you looking regal as ever. This custom makeup session is designed to give you the natural look Kate Middleton is known for.

Appointments can be made online on the Argentta Spa website.


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