Celebrity Chef Ariane Resnick to Lead "Healing the Healers" Workshop at WIW West

Celebrity chef and author Ariane Resnick will speak at American Spa's Women in Wellness Conference // Photo via Shutterstock

Although it’s easy to stress over the fact that you’re not reaching your wellness goals by eating right, meditating and working out on a regular basis, or keeping up with your gratitude journal, wellness shouldn’t be one more thing to stress you or your clients out. It also shouldn’t be something that is out of reach due to a lack of time or money. At American Spa’s Women in Wellness Leadership Conference at The Waterfront Beach Resort Hotel, A Hilton Hotel (Huntington Beach, CA), on October 28, Ariane Resnick, author of How to Be Well When You’re Not, will lead an interactive workshop to enhance inclusivity and accessibility within the wellness industry, which can sometimes be perceived as inaccessible with undue focus on designer athletic wear, pseudoscience-based cleanses, and the perfect Instagrammable avocado toast or yoga pose.

Ariane Resnick
Ariane Resnick

In a session titled, “Healing the Healers,” Resnick will share simple solutions that can help you shift focus back to what matters, increasing you and your clients’ overall wellbeing. As a special diet chef and certified nutritionist whose private chef clientele has included a host of celebrities, including P!nk who provided the foreword to her latest book, Resnick has written Wake/Sleep: What to Eat and Do for More Energy and Better Sleep, The Thinking Girls’ Guide to Drinking: (Cocktails Without Regret), and The Bone Broth Miracle: How an Ancient Remedy Can Improve Health, Fight Aging, and Boost Beauty. She has also been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, MindBodyGreen, Elle, and on CBS’s “The Doctors,” “ABC News,” and Well+Good

For more information and to register for American Spa’s Women in Wellness Leadership Conference West Coast, visit www.americanspawiw.com.



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