Five Easy Ways to Pump Up Your Social Media Page

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Five simple ways to pump up your social media presence. // Photo credit: ChristianChan/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The social media industry and its various platform options are booming like never before, and are not showing any signs of slowing down. Businesses that don't use social media to promote themselves or engage with their audience or clientele are missing out on potential business, marketing ideas, and revenue options. Today, more than 50 million small businesses and freelancers using social media to connect with customers. This is why Chad Hankinson, founder of Stylie One, a business platform for beauty industry professionals, feels its imperative for businesses, especially those in the beauty industry, to capitalize on all that is offered via social media.

"More than 56 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, making it vital to maintain a strong social media presence that reaches new and existing clients," Hankinson announced in a recent statement. "Without it, customers may question your legitimacy."

Here, discover five simple tips that Hankinson suggests spas use to transform its social media presence in a way that gains and retains customers:

  1. Focus your efforts on select platforms. With all of the social platforms available today, it is easy for a social media manager to spread themselves too thin and create a number of half-created, weak social media accounts. Remember quality over quantity.
  2. Make sure all information is up-to-date and all links are working. There's nothing worse when scrolling on social for the hours of your favorite place or for special deals, only to discover the info that was listed is out of date and incorrect. Clients are less likely to come to your spa knowing they missed a deal that offered the service they wanted for cheaper, or if they can't find the spa's website all together.
  3. Incorporate images, videos, or graphics. Thanks to the new Facebook algorithms favoring video and Facebook Live broadcasts, videos are the type of content that is most likely to reach the largest audience on most social platforms. Simple, eye-catching photos are great for any platform, and are good for cross-sharing among platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. Monitor and respond to all social media conversations around your business. Social media followers love when they are able to connect with their favorite brands via their favorite social media platforms. Connect with your audience by liking, commenting, and messaging when appropriate to give your spa a friendly personality rather than just being an institution your audience might sometimes go to. When a brand is lively on social media, chances are social followers will be more likely to create an in person relationship with that brand.
  5. Automate your social media strategy. Have a plan when it comes to handling your spa's social media. Don't try and just wing it day-to-day. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar to ensure you're not missing anything important from your spa's schedule, and to make sure you're keeping up and engaged with your audience.

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