Green Spa Network Inspires Action at 10th Anniversary Congress

The 10th Annual Green Spa Network Congress was held this year at Carmel Valley Ranch, pictured. // Photo by Heather Mikesell

Working to enact positive change, Green Spa Network (GSN) held its 10th annual Congress this past week at Carmel Valley Ranch (CA). With the theme of “Inspire Action and Create Community through Storytelling,” the three-day interactive event featured a host of speakers who inspired attendees with information and insights on how to create and implement sustainable initiatives in their own spas that support the planet. Bill Reed, AIA, a principal in Regenesis Group and an internationally recognized practitioner, teacher, and authority in integrative systems design, sustainability, and regenerative community planning and implementation, helped guide attendees to create their own action plans. One idea that sprung from the exercise came from brand and wellness activist Joanna Roche. The #justonething Instagram campaign inspires people to do one green thing, such as refusing plastic lids for takeout drinks, recycling at work, forgoing plastic straws, and biking to work every day for 30 days. Attendees were challenged to invite their families, friends, teams, and colleagues to join them in doing one earth-friendly thing to make a difference in improving the health of the planet. Participants are invited to post photos of their efforts on Instagram with the hashtags: #justonething, #30daysofgreen, #inspiredaction, and #greenspanetwork. At the conclusion of the campaign on April 11, the GSN Board will be announcing the adoption of a new international green initiative centered on reforesting. 

Other engaging speakers included Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center; Josiah Cain, director of innovation for Sherwood Design Engineers; and Celia Hoffman, associate director of The Goodman Center. Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in focused sessions on a variety of topics, including The Story of Healing Waters with professor John Paul De Vierville, Anne Bramham, and Debra Dunier; Women in Leadership Roles with Tara Grodjesk and Heidi Clark; What A Vital Community Can Do for the World with Attila Koronczay, Jennifer Lynn, Tamara Jercha, Gilad Lang, and Lisa Jacobs; and Creating a Value-Based Economy with Michael Stusser, Roche, Nic Goldsmith, Tom Eddington, and Bonnie Baker. 

From eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and recycling to promoting products free of toxic ingredients and reduced packaging, attendees were inspired to take positive steps to help protect the planet and promote overall wellbeing. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


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