Lisa Starr Introduces the StarrCast Podcast

Photo Credit: Wynne Business (Wynne Business)

Lisa Starr, the principal of Wynne Business, recently launched the StarrCast podcast, where she interviews wellness professionals on their career path. The goal of the podcast is to encourage people in established careers who want to make a change, or younger people thinking of their future, to consider a career in the wellness industry. “I started the StarrCast podcast because so many of us in spa and wellness have taken different paths into their fulfilling jobs, and I have always found the stories fascinating. There is so much opportunity to work in wellness, but career paths are undefined, often unpredictable, and even unplanned,” says Starr. “The goal was to interest those who might be lingering on the sidelines of the industry to take a plunge with us.”

StarrCast season 1 lineup includes:

  • Mia Kyricos, President, Kyricos & Associates, USA
  • Tara Grodjesk, VP Massage, Spa & Wellness at Living Earth Crafts, USA
  • Sara Jones, Managing Director & Editor Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe, Mexico
  • Karen Mitchell, Beauty Therapist, UK
  • Michael Tompkins, Partner, Hutchinson Consulting, USA
  • Alfrida Boinett, CEO Private Collection, Kenya
  • Andrew Gibson, Wellness Visionary, Sweden
  • Elena Bogacheva, President Spa & Wellness International Council, Russia

The StarrCast podcast will include topics such as spa and beauty, holistic and integrative health, nutrition and fitness, workplace wellness, wellness tourism and wellness communities, and more.

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