Listen to Heather Mikesell on J Public Relations's Priority Status Podcast

Heather Mikesell spoke about wellness and selfcare on JPR's Priority Status podcast // Photo via J Public Relations on Soundcloud

J Public Relations (JPR), a top international travel and wellness public relations firm, has tapped into the podcast boom with the launch of Priority Status, its new podcast series that interviews travel and wellness industry heavyweights for an inside look at the state of the market, trends, ideas, and more.

This week, and the first interview of the podcast's new Expert Series, features American Spa editor-in-chief, Heather Mikesell. In the timely interview, Mikesell talks with Lauren Knudsen, executive vice president at JPR, about the current state of health, wellness, and travel. Listen to the podcast below as Mikesell shares her insights on the spa industry’s response to current events, why self-care is more important than ever, and shares general travel and wellness tips we can all use. Plus, discover the overall importance of immunity, sleep, and diet, and the emergence of immunity-boosting spa treatments.

This isn’t about getting a spa treatment, it’s about protecting yourself and living a better life.


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