Meet Safety Scan: The Real-Time Sanitation Tracking Tool

Now you, and your clients, can track your spa's sanitation with the scan of a QR code// Photo via Scan)

Even as portions of the nation’s economy begin to re-open, consumer concerns about cleanliness and safety abound, especially in regard to health and wellness facilities. To quell some anxiety, technology company Digital Seat Media has developed a tool called Safety Scan in order to help businesses address these concerns for their clients and staff. The tool uses QR codes on digital tags to allow businesses to track sanitation statuses of anything from a particular room to a single piece of equipment in real-time.

Saftey Scan digital tags can be placed on objects or in areas throughout the facility. Employees can then use their smart devices to scan the QR code and report when they’ve finished sanitizing. Customers can also scan the digital tag to check when that particular object or area was last sanitized or even to request a cleaning. All scans are filed onto a dashboard, where employers can view real-time sanitization reports in an easy to read format and address any issues that arise.

The advent and use of such technology are part of a larger effort by the spa and wellness community to bring about the smoothest and safest transition while re-opening businesses all over the country.

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