Skin Perfect Spas' 10 Step Infection Control Plan for Re-Opening

Follow these 10 steps to safely re-open your spa // Photo Credit: PeopleImages/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As states across the country begin to re-open for non-essential businesses, its important that businesses in the service industry take extra care to make sure that both clients and employees are safe and feel comfortable returning to "normal." At Skin Perfect Spas (multiple locations), we've created an Infection Protection Plan for our spa locations in addition to Safety and Virus Protection Plan our clients, as there are different precautions that should be taken for brick and mortar locations and the clients and professionals within them.

Below, discover Skin Perfect Spas' Infection Protection Plan for spas, and feel free to implement and use at your own location as well.

1. Require your employees to take an infection control training course to renew their knowledge of bacteria, viruses, and sanitation. Create an infection control, sanitation, and safety plan and review with your employees on a Zoom call prior to the first day back at work. Remember to consider personal protection equipment (PPE) and six-feet social distancing requirements.

2. Post signage at the front desk, as well as in the break room reminding guests and employees about the importance of hygiene standards such as hand washing, sanitizer, wiping down all areas, covering coughs, and hands-off policies.


3. Share with your clientele the precautions your spa or salon is taking to do its part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during online bookings, on the phone, via text, or email prior to each appointment. You should be implementing and sharing at least some of the following:

  • We will prescreen clients and employees for sickness and contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases, preferably online, prior to appointment.
  • We will recommend clients in high-risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.
  • Upon arrival, we will provide clients with a temperature reading using a temperature gun and will offer clients hand sanitizer and an optional mask upon entering.
  • We will maintain physical distancing in common areas. We will be staggering appointments and have curb side check in to minimize overcrowding.
  • We are requiring clean masks in common areas.  We require service providers to wear masks, and face shield.
  • During treatment, we will not be offering lip masks at this time due to potential saliva contamination.
  • We will not be doing hand and arm massages during treatments, but instead offering a long neck and shoulders massage.
  • Therapists will be washing and sanitizing hands repeatedly.
  • All professional products must be in pump, no jars, and remain clean after each use.
  • Our beds will only have fresh laundered sheets and we will discontinue blanket use at this time.
  • All surfaces and equipment must be disinfected regularly.
  • We will store clean and dirty items and tools separately.
  • We will disinfect high-touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches hourly.
  • We will clean retail testers regularly. Only pumps allowed, no jars. Only show and tell for makeup testers, no application at this time aside from custom blend foundation.
  • Our cancellation policy will be waved for the next 60 days while we and our clients adjust to our new normal.

4. We request employees change into their Skin Perfect uniforms on location once they arrive at work. Take your uniform home in a plastic bag to wash and prepare for the next day or wear a fresh uniform the next day. 

5. All employees must call the front desk upon arrival to have a temperature reading upon entering the premises and will be asked to go to employee bathroom to change into uniform.  From there, you will be given a mask and/or face shield and gloves for protection. You will be shown where all safety PPE materials are located and what are the cleaning and disinfecting requirements for the day to day operations of the spa.  Also, we are implementing a social distancing policy of six feet distancing for employees and guests.

6. For clients or guests, we will offer an optional disposable mask for their visit. We will take only one client into the reception area at a time with a system of curb side check in in place to avoid congregation and to respect social distancing. Clients finished with their treatments will be guided to when we can properly check them out. They will remain in the treatment room until reception is ready.

7. All treatment rooms will need 15 minutes to be wiped down and disinfected between every client.  As such, the estheticians must adjust to using multiple rooms. The permanent makeup room will be used a facial room and will be completely set up with full facial/treatment support.  Once the room is sanitized, there will be signage available to state that the room is completely disinfected and ready for the next client.

8. Welcome and educate the client on what the facility is doing for their protection against the virus.  Make sure to continue branding elements your spa or salon has had in the past to give the client a feeling of relaxation, security, and a feeling that they are “home” and taken care of.  This will reduce the anxiety for both the employee and client so long as core company routines and elements remain consistent.

9. Barbering and cosmetology state boards direct that proper cleaning and disinfection that are mandatory for tools and implements to areas with counter tops, door handles, treatment rooms, back bars, bathrooms, reception areas, and break rooms. Be sure to strictly follow this, wiping down busy areas often with antibacterial cleaner provided.

10. Prior to the end of a shift, have employees check in with leadership to discuss how the day went and if there are any changes or tweaks that need to be made for day to day operations and infection control, sanitation, and safety plans to keep all team members, clients, and guests safe. Each day will get better and all involved will become more comfortable with the new normal.

American Spa will continue to provide top of the line Coronavirus coverage as news surrounding the pandemic emerges. Click here for our full list of COVID-19 coverage and check back daily for updates. Want to share your Coronavirus updates with us? Email [email protected], or connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.


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