New Study Reveals Consumers' Appeal to Natural Beauty

Lycored's study finds natural appearance to be a top priority. // Photo by Lycored

More than 500 regular skincare users across six different countries all faced the same question: What five skincare goals are most important to you? The answers are part of a larger report that expands on several aspects of skincare objectives.

Lycored, a global skincare and wellness brand, conducted the study to find what consumers value most in their skincare products. Natural appearance was rated the highest goal by 77 percent of consumers. Following closely behind, 76 percent selected smooth texture, 64 percent chose youthful appearance, and 61 percent marked even complexion. Only 37 percent chose reduced redness. Within the overall category of natural appearance, 82 percent of men marked naturality as important, compared to 74 percent of women. 

“This research provides valuable insight into what consumers ultimately want when they buy a product for their skin,” said Zev Ziegler, Lycored’s head of global brand and marketing. “It also has implications for manufacturers sourcing ingredients because a consumer who is focused on achieving a natural appearance is also likely to expect products to contain natural ingredients.”


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While the majority favored natural appearance as a goal, 50 percent of American skincare consumers reported wanting all-natural products that are free from synthetic chemicals. The shift toward natural beauty is evident in these new findings, as well as in the natural beauty market, which grew by 14 percent in 2018, according to a study by Soil Association

More details are available on Lycored’s full report can be viewed here. The brand will showcase the research at SupplySide West, on October 17 and 18 in Las Vegas. 



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