See How G Skin Beauty Institute is Celebrating National Organic Month

September is national organic month. // Photo courtesy of Antonova Ganna/ Shutter Stock(Antonova Ganna/Shutter Stock)

In honor of National Organic Month, G Skin & Beauty Institute’s cosmetology and esthetic schools are promoting its Organic Beauty and Well Being campaign during the month of September. The campaign is designed to bring attention and recognition to organic beauty products and making sustainable choices.

Throughout the month, G Skin & Beauty Institute is challenging its students to implement one small change in their beauty routine that would benefit the environment. Students will also compete to make the most eco-friendly and sustainable organic beauty product and contribute a completely organic and meatless with protein dish to the school’s pot luck. In addition to this month’s extra efforts, G Skin & Beauty Institute embraces a green philosophy all year round. All six of the Institute’s schools, located in Chandler, AZ; Chicago, IL; Henderson, NV; Naperville, IL; Oak Brook, IL; and Schaumburg, IL, use organic and natural products in their practices. Students learn the benefits of organic farming and working with nature, not against it, to unlock what is best for their bodies and the world.

According to Carol Westphal, president of G Skin & Beauty Institute, the organization strives to teach its students “that by making healthy lifestyle choices, their skin and hair will feel and look good, but their bodies will also be nourished with nature’s most powerful ingredients.” Westphal is encouraging everyone to look for ways to take of the Earth as we take care of ourselves this September and beyond.


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