Qosmedix Becomes an Authorized Distributor of Ardell Products

Photo by Qosmedix

Qosmedix, a certified global supplier to cosmetic skincare, spa, and salon industries, has just announced that they are now an authorized distributor of Ardell Products. Qosmedix is dedicated to maintaining hygienic practices and providing products of high quality for sampling, packaging, private label, and retail needs. Now, Qosmedix consumers can indulge in Ardell false lashes.

Up for sale are the Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes. Designed to create a fuller thicker look to the lashes, they are equipped with a lightweight band that keeps the strands together, which creates secure corners and provides a comfortable fit. They are also knotted and feathered by hand and made from human hair. Overall, they create a natural look.

Another product for sale is a Deluxe Eyelash Pack, which includes a pair of Ardell Wispies, one Travel sized DUO Eyelash Adhesive (2.5 grams), and a soft-touch lash applicator. These products as well as Qosmedix’s extensive inventory of brushes, swabs, applicators, spa wear, jars, bottles, and more can be purchased on Qosmedix’s website.


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The Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes can be purchased online for $3, and the Deluxe Eyelash pack can be purchased online for $5.


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