Recap: The Second Annual Love Beauty Wellness Festival

Photo by Love Beauty Wellness Festival

On Saturday July 1, the second annual Love Beauty Wellness Festival took place at Honeypot (HNYPT) in downtown Los Angeles. Last year was the first ever Love Beauty Wellness Festival, and it was a success in educating guests with innovations in the beauty and wellness industry. This year, the festival ran a bit differently than last, and hosted four panel discussions, each with a few beauty and wellness renowned speakers.  

The festival took place from 11am-5pm. Session one, “Beauty + Wellness,” took place from 12pm-12:30pm, and was hosted by June Farahan. Featured was Brandie Gilliam, Suzanna Hall, Britt Martin, and Katey Denno. Session two, “Fitness + Nutrition,” was hosted by Shauna Faulisi, and the panelists included Vanessa Fitzgerald, Daniela Kende, Monico O’Dell, and Sophie Jaffe. Session three, “Thrive,” took place from 2pm-2:30pm. Hosted by Zack Peter, the panelists included Lee Tilghman, Tara Mackey, Ashley Berry, and Nikki Sharp. Lastly, session four, “Ancient Healing”, took place from 3pm-3:30pm. Belinda Tung hosted the session and featured was Melissa Tsai, Robert Youngs, Tina Paymaster, and Melissa Rousseau.

To end the day, guests had the opportunity to take part in "Crystal Healing + Manifestation + Meditation," lead by Energy Muse, a jewelry company that works to empower clients based on its study of crystals. Throughout the day, guests had the ability to interact with the various brands that were participating. Some brands that participated included Boomchickapop, Purely Elizabeth, and Skin Fit Gym, among many more.


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