Remembering Kryolan Founder Arnold Langer

Kryolan makeup founder Arnold Langer has passed away at 97 // Photo via Kryolan/ Professional Makeup)

Recently, professional makeup brand Kryolan said goodbye to its founder, Arnold Langer. In a powerful tribute, the brand announced Langer has passed away at age 97, surrounded by his family in his hometown of Berlin.

“He was a visionary and decision-maker,” the brand said in a statement on its website. “Even in the darkest times and most difficult situations, Kryolan’s founder Arnold Langer neither lost courage nor optimism and especially not his humor.”

Langer discovered early in his life his passion for makeup and theater. In 1945 after theaters started re-opening after the war, Langer and his wife Waltraud developed Kryolan Professional Makeup. today, the company has become a leading manufacturer of professional makeup for more than 70 years in 90 countries across the globe.

Langer’s dogma, “first comes the human being, afterwards the company“ still rings true to the company’s philosophies today. Upon announcing the news of his passing, Kryolan ceased all web and social activity for 10 days in order to allow employees and family proper time to mourn the loss of the brand’s founder. 

Langer’s son Wolfram Langer, and his own sons Sebastian and Dominik Langer, as well as their families, will carry on the brand’s work and their father and grandfather’s legacy.  Whether it be requests for special makeup or someone placing their usual order, connecting on a personal level with its customers has always been and will continue to be a Kryolan staple set by the company’s late founder.

The story of Langer and Kryolan's beginnings can be found in Arnold Langer, For Beauty's Sake, a book written by Rolf Pflücke.


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