Spa and Salon Pros Benefit from Tippy’s Virtual Tip Jar 

Spa and salon professionals benefit from virtual tip jar // Photo Credit: Ivan Balvan/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus

While almost all spas and salons are closed due to COVID-19 many professionals are facing closures, loss of business, revenue, and other difficulties. Tippy, a digital tipping platform for salon industry professionals has launched a  free virtual tip jar  during the coronavirus pandemic. The program, called  TIPIT >> FWD,  is a safe and simple way for any service industry clients to tip their favorite stylist, nail tech, tattoo artists, pet groomer or masseuse and share an uplifting message during these challenging times.  

“These wonderful service professionals are at home wondering every day how they are going to cover their rent or mortgage and support their families,” says  David  Tashjian  partner at Tippy.   “Let’s make lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been dealt and use these times to show our children what’s really important in life—helping family and friends.” 

TIPIT >> FWD  allows for secure transactions to be made online, during which the tips go directly into the receiving professional’s bank account along with an encouraging message.  


During its first week in operation, industry professionals received more than  $40,000  from loyal customers via Tippy’s TIPIT >> FWD program. Clients  who wanted to support their  stylist  during this time on average made tips of $62,  which is greater than the national average of  $17 per professional.  There have  also  been multiple generous tips of $500 plus.  

For more information visit  and click on TIPIT>>FWD. 


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