Spa Matilda Introduces a New Pop-Up Spa for Festival Goers

Photo by Alexcrab/iStock/GettyImagesPlus (Alexcrab/iStock/GettyImagesPlus)

Spa Matilda (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) is having a pop-up spa treatment at the Market of Arts and Gastronomy festival. From July 13-16, the Market of Arts and Gastronomy (MAG) festival, located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, will feature a myriad of salons, chefs, artists, and various activities for guests to enjoy. Among the activities offered, Spa Matilda is having a pop-up spa, where guests can receive the MAG Body Treatment ($137, 2 hours).

Spa Matilda is located in Hotel Matilda, and it is offering additional festival packages, including the Deluxe Package. It includes three nights at Hotel Matilda, daily breakfast, and access to various MAG festival highlights. The All-Access Package includes three nights at the hotel, daily breakfast, and access to all events at the festival.

The MAG body treatment is included in both of these packages. The two-hour treatment welcomes guests with a glass of champagne. It begins with an exfoliation treatment, which is followed by a moisturizing wrap, and ends with a 30-minute massage. The treatment utilizes a collection of natural salts, milks, and oils, all of which are offered for sale at Spa Matilda’s apothecary, located inside the hotel.

The Market of Arts and Gastronomy festival is known for the elite participants that are featured. Some of the highlighted chefs include Enrique Olvera, Carlos Hannon, Roberto Solis, Paul Bentley, Diego Hernández, and more. An array of renowned artists will make appearances as well.

Hotel Matilda's packages for the event are available to book now.