Get to Know LYCON President Lindsay Miller

Get to know Lindsay Miller, president of LYCON // Photo courtesy of LYCON (LYCON)

Get to know Lindsay Miller, president of LYCON USA.

It was when Lindsay Miller was living in London that she first discovered LYCON. Having had “the best wax of her life” there, Miller returned home to Canada to discover that there were no spas using LYCON. She quickly changed this by introducing Canada to LYCON five years ago and has since expanded her work into the U.S. Prior to LYCON, Miller worked in finance and believes that experience has helped her to grow and expand LYCON across North America.


What has been your greatest accomplishment in the industry?

I feel that there have been many great accomplishments along the way that continue to make me proud to be part of such an innovative company. From officially launching LYCON products in Canada to recently being the first wax brand to introduce a Brazilian care-targeted product line called PINKINI, there have been many milestones in the past few years to celebrate.

What about your job do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy when I travel and get to meet different people in the industry through attending various industry events and trade shows. I love speaking with individuals and learning about their experiences and hearing what advice they have. Being open to chatting with people allows you the opportunity to learn from others and grow your network along the way. Plus, you never know who you may end up sitting beside on a plane.

How does your company stand out from its competitors?

LYCON Cosmetics is celebrating its 40-year anniversary this year. From the stovetop of Lydia Jordane (founder of LYCON) to a brand-new 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, LYCON has grown immensely over the years and continues to be recognized as Australia’s number-one wax sold worldwide. LYCON’s success is due to its superior ability to remove short stubborn hairs and the fact that it is virtually painless and leaves the skin feeling smooth without redness. LYCON is continually innovating and coming up with new products to stay with the trends and demands of the industry.

How do you incorporate wellness into your daily life?

I try to incorporate a daily form of physical activity, whether it is running after our kids in the backyard or taking time to myself to attend a fitness class. I find that doing some form of physical activity allows me to focus my thoughts and helps me to achieve clarity. I also try to keep with a healthy eating plan as best I can to help keep my energy and concentration levels up.

How do you stay passionate about what you do?

Education. I am constantly reading up on new trends in the industry. I find it interesting to see how others do things and the different approaches brands take to marketing and training. It inspires me to be able to bring new ideas to my team in order to brainstorm creative ways to approach things. I also love what I do. My boss at my very first job out of college once said to me, “Find what you love to do, and make it your job.” I couldn’t agree more.



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