This App Lets You Try On Your Sunless Tan Before You Apply

St. Tropez Tan mirror app reveals a tanned selfie. // Image courtesy of St. Tropez

Technology can help companies gain new clients and keep loyal clients coming back. Social media, for example, is a great way for spas and sunless-tanning companies to promote their products and services.

“With social media, we are able to leverage engaging dynamic content to show off the amazing luminizing effect of the products, not only the beautiful sunlit golden shimmer end effect on skin but also the full experience of how easy and sensory the product is to apply,” says Christina Peng, vice president of innovation at Coola. “That is sure to catch the attention of sunless-tan lovers.” 

In addition, apps can be used to encourage clients to stay loyal to a specific brand. St.Tropez, for example, launched a Tan Mirror app where users can virtually try all of the St.Tropez products before making a purchase. Users simply take a selfie, and the app shows what the products would look like on the skin in real life. It also allows users to add an instant burst of color to their selfie by using instant-tanning filters available on the app and has the ability to show what results after one, two, or three days of application will look like.

In addition to the app, St.Tropez introduced a Facebook Tan Bot named Thea. Available through Facebook Messenger, it allows users to have 24/7 access to a sunless-tanning professional.



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