Biologique Recherche's New Unique Approach to Pre- and Post-Surgery Care 

Photography: Getty Images (Getty Images)

Biologique Recherche recently released a new protocol for pre- and post-cosmetic surgery care in response to the fact that more and more clients are turning to aesthetic surgeries rather than just topical treatments.

As part of the new protocol, clients are encouraged to maintain the skin’s nutrient and oxygen levels through their skincare routines. This will provide the skin tissue the resources needed to start healing immediately after surgery.

Biologique Recherche also suggests a four-step process to promote faster healing: 

  1. First, the skin must be calmed.
  2. Then, the skin must be decongested by increasing hydration with amino acids.
  3. Next, patients should keep the surface of the skin moisturized.
  4. Finally, be sure to protect the skin from free radicals while also replenishing the inter-corneocyte lipid content responsible for inflammation.

The combination of these steps will help the healing process following surgery, but, of course, clients should follow the direct advice of their physicians.


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