The Hottest Skincare Trends of 2019 So Far

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Now that we're almost half way through 2019, for our annual skincare issue we decided to ask the experts what they have seen trending in the skincare industry this year. From ingredients to routines and beyond, this year it's all about natural and preventative protection. Take a look at what the experts have seen trending in 2019:


  • “CBD is shaping up to be a standout ingredient on the horizon. There is compelling evidence of benefits from its use, and it can be incorporated into skincare and bodycare formulations.”—Liz Cocchia, CEO, Vitelle Labs
  • “Full-spectrum hemp oil. The range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are too beneficial to pass up. We should see some pretty spectacular uses of this oil in skincare.” —Shannon McLinden, founder, FarmHouse Fresh
  • “The latest trend is adding CBD to skincare products. CBD has anti-inflammation properties that can be very beneficial to products designed to reduce redness and irritation”—Jean Shea, founder and president, Biotone 


Professional Products

  • "A trend I think we will see in 2019 is more people opting into professional skincare. Customers are becoming more and more educated about stable scientific ingredients and delivery systems, and even younger clients are becoming more concerned with what they put on their skin.”—Emily Sindlinger, cofounder, Sorella Apothecary


  • “Whether it is professional treatments or homecare, I see hybrid skincare that pairs natural ingredients with high-tech tools and techniques as the next big trend.” —Paula Provenzano, national education manager, Jurlique


  • “Every day, our skin is exposed to several climatic aggressions and pollutants responsible for premature aging. Long-term exposure causes irreversible skin damage, so it’s important to have a skincare routine adapted to urban pollution.”—Myriam Sayer, e-marketing manager, G.M. Collin
  • “Blue light protection will be a big trend this year, as we become more aware of the collagen and elastin damage it's doing to our skin and as a result of technology use in our everyday lives.”—Natalie Pergar, senior product education specialist and lead skincare trainer, Eminence Organic Skin Care
  • “I believe the next trend will be a universal, certified-organic, translucent anti-aging cream that will offer triple-action protection against UVA/UVB rays, urban pollution, and digital blue light.”—Manon Pilon, research and development director, Nelly DeVuyst
  • “One of the biggest trends we are noticing this year is about oxygenation and the rising demand for anti-pollution and brightening products and treatments. In a permanent quest for innovation and efficiency and in order to be aligned with this oxygenating trend, Biologique Recherche has launched a new booster and reformulated the whole VIP O2 range by adding the latest generation of anti-pollution ingredients to the Oxygenating Complex.” —Laura Gerchik, U.S. general manager, Biologique Recherche USA

Anti Pollution



  • “One of the biggest trends for 2019 is body skincare. Everyone is looking for products and treatments that provide results. We’re excited to launch our new PRO-Youth Body Serum!”—Frederic Da Fonte, COO, Sothys USA
  • “The biggest skincare trend will be full-body micro-exfoliation. Preventative skincare through full-body microdermabrasion may decrease the likelihood of common skin conditions.”—Brenda Acosta, president, Altair Instruments


Natural Ingredients

  • “We’ve seen the demand for natural brightening ingredients increase. The push for natural is going global, and with that, consumers want powerful and effective nature-based options to brighten their skin.”—Francine Kagarakis, co-owner and cofounder, Lira Clinical
  • “A more holistic and natural approach to beauty, focusing on solutions that address environmental stressors, innovation in delivery, and clean processes.”—Andrea Revivo, business development manager, Spa De Soleil
  • “As younger consumers increase their spending power, they are seeking skincare solutions that are different from the big brands their parents used. They will gravitate more towards natural brands with a strong sustainable stance, an authentic voice, and the capacity to not only engage them, but more importantly, to establish trust. Although instant fixes and flawless skin remain top of mind, skincare from the earth and customizable routines that address their concerns will capture their interest and drive trust…that trust in turn will drive loyalty.”—Maritza Rodriguez, global vice president of marketing and communications, Pevonia
  • “Specific seaweeds can be used to create a number of beneficial cosmetic effects. Sustainably grown and harvested seaweed will become even more of an important resource for 2019 and beyond.”—Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO, Repêchage
  • “Supplements have been trending, but I think they're going to reach their peak in 2019 as awareness is already out there. Probiotics and collagen-supporting supplements such as vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, and antioxidant types of ingestible beauty are going to be huge in 2019.”—Hannah Hatcher, global educator, Jane Iredale


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