Five Beauty Brands that Have the Vegan Vote

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As spa-goers become more concerned about what they put in and on their bodies, many are turning to vegan beauty products. Vegan products are made without any animal ingredients, animal by-products, or animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, collagen, gelatin, honey, keratin, lanolin, and more. Thanks to changing views on veganism and the positive impact it can have on the environment and our overall health, many manufacturers, particularly indie brands, are choosing to go vegan. Here, our experts share why they think the vegan movement is growing, particularly in skincare.

“I think veganism is on the rise, because people are more conscious about how the choices they make multiple times a day affect themselves, others, and the planet,”Shel Pink, founder, SpaRitual

“There is a palpable shift toward love—loving the planet and animals, and consumers see that you can make
a difference by switching to products that help contribute to this shift. Spa clients have and love pets, and they champion the loving care of animals of all types and sizes. Animal owners are often as passionate about their pets and the welfare of animals as they are about their human family members.”—Shannon McLinden, founder and president, FarmHouse Fresh

“I think it stems from an increasing awareness of the overall impact the food industry is having. We’re starting to question animal products, not just in the silo of the inhumane way animals are treated but how they are harmful to the health and the environment. This has tipped over into skincare.”—Jené Roestorf, founder, Luxe Botanics

“I think people are realizing that they can garner the age-suspending results they are looking for to maintain healthy skin without using animal and animal byproduct-based ingredients.”—Jillian Wright, cofounder, Indie Beauty Expo

“With such easy access to an abundance of information these days, it is easy for people to be more knowledgeable about the decisions they make and for what reasons they do so. Having a vegan and cruelty-free line, we at PH Simply care very much about the fair treatment of animals and avoiding the use of animal byproducts and are catering to a clientele that shares our passion for healthy and clean living. Awareness of current issues giving way to specific ways of life has made niche markets like vegan lines more sought after.”—Cyndi Frick, cofounder, PH Simply

“The vegan movement has caught on like wildfire. First in the food and clothing industries, and in most recent years, in the cosmetics industry, particularly in skincare. The rise of veganism can be attributed to concerns about the environment, personal health, and animal welfare.”—Vivian B. Valenty, Ph.D., president, VB Cosmetics



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