G.M. Collin Creates New Image with Exciting Rebrand

G.M. Collin has rebranded its iconic skincare line // Photo credit: lekcej/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Founded in 1957, G.M. Collin has spent the last 60 years developing quality skincare products and dermo-corrective skincare solutions. This year, nearly 12 years after the company's last rebrand, G.M. Collin has relaunched a new brand image which focuses on the the line's core values: results, quality, and elegance. 

In a statement, G.M. Collin announced the goal of its new rebrand was to express the emotion and heart of it’s skincare products. The brand plans on using new visuals to better explain the quality and purpose of each product. G.M. Collins' website and social media has also received new marketing and branding materials to help the company express its new values. The brand believes with all of the new platforms and visuals of its products, it will be now able to better communicate and express product value to both current and prospective consumers. 

The first product to be launched with the company's new rebranding is the Diamond Eye Contour, a new addition to the brand's celebrated Luxury Diamond Collection. Designed to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, the Diamond Eye Cream is inspired by the precise craft of diamond cutting and is formulated with diamond powder, a peptide complex, and snow algae to achieve a radiant complexion and visibly younger skin.


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Visit www.gmcollin.com to check out the rebrand and discover the newest products.


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