Immunocologie Releases Skincare Protection Packages

The skincare kits include the Vital Clay Mask. Photo credit: Immunocologie (Photo credit: Immunocologie)

Safety and health are on the forefront of many individuals’ minds as the country continues to emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns. Immunocologie offers a unique tool for protection with its Vital Ionic Mist. According to the skincare company, the mist was recently proven to inhibit the activity of furin, an enzyme that has been found to facilitate infections, whether bacterial or viral. Infused with montmorillonite clay, kaolin clay, and Illite clay, the spray can also be used to hydrate the skin, reduce redness, and set makeup.

In addition to offering the mist individually, Immunocologie has also included it in two Protection Packages:

Defense Day to Night Journey Collection ($299)

  • Vital Ionic Mist
  • Vital Clay Mask
  • Night Protection


Nourish & Enrich Essentials Collection ($165)

  • Vital Ionic Mist
  • Vital Clay Mask


Both packages include a complimentary reusable and washable mask, which uses a nano filter to effectively filter out microparticles while maintaining airflow. Immunocologie will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from Protection Package sales to Heavenly Harvst Foundation, an organization that aims to provide healthy and nutritious meals to those in need.


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