Pevonia's Recent Launch Packs a One-Two Pump

Pevonia's dual-pump Rapid Restore duo is perfect for the neck and chest. // Photo via Shutterstock

While two-in-one products have become increasingly taboo in the beauty industry (think of the dreaded two-in-one shampoo and conditioner), consumers are still looking for ways to save time on their skincare routines without losing any positive results. Always looking for innovative ways to keep ahead of the trends, Pevonia saw this need for speed (and convenience) and launched its new Power Repair Rapid-Restore Neck & Chest product—a dual-pump serum and cream developed to rejuvenate the frequently forgotten areas of skincare routines.

This past spring, Pevonia joined American Spa down at Spatec at the JW Turnberry Miami to share the details about the unique pair. The product was released in tandem with a new Pevonia neck and chest treatment, inspired by a popular protocol from several years ago that’s since been updated with more impactful components. This time, the treatment utilizes new ingredients such as collagen, elastin, kigelia Africana, arnica Montana, shiitake, and more.

Here, join Erin Lorow, national director of sales for Pevonia, as she explains the benefits of the Rapid-Restore duo to American Spa's associate editor, Sam, live from Spatec Spring.


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