Sunless Tanners Do More than Just Bronze The Skin

Check out the ways that sunless tanning can actually benefit the skin. // Photo via Shutterstock.

Today’s sunless-tanning products are benefitting from new technology and ingredients. We asked our industry insiders to share their thoughts on the topic, and we found that sunless-tanning products do more than just provide the skin with a healthy glow. They also work to improve the health of the skin. Here's how:

  • “As consumers continually evolve into socially conscious buyers, new technologies and organic ingredients are increasingly prevalent within the market globally. At Vita Liberata, we put skin health first, thus our portfolio offers a flawless bronze while heavily nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Our tanners are packed with nutrients sourced worldwide from the greatest natural resources like organic aloe vera, marula oil, raspberry, and gingko biloba. This provides consumers with a sun-kissed glow in addition to healthy, radiant skin.”—Sheena Ghura, vice president of marketing, Vita Liberata
  • “Similar to what we’re seeing in other skincare categories, there is a growing and heightened awareness toward ingredients. Hence, a movement toward natural and organic is making its way into sunless tanning. An influx of forms is making its way as well, with new textures, benefits, and delivery methods being some of the key features and points of differentiation. Gel serums and masks, sheet masks, drops, and water-like textures are among what we’re seeing.”—Mykella Gannon, marketing director, Coola
  • “Where I see exciting advancements for our industry is the tapping into unique ingredients that have been used by other cultures for centuries but are not yet heard of here. These ingredients can be combined into a spray-tan solution to help complement a client’s regular skincare regimen. It is also positive to see the shift in clients taking an increased interest in products that are made from fair trade and locally sourced ingredients with reduced carbon footprints. I feel this interest will continue to drive us as manufacturers to supply honest and innovative products.” —Kylie Robson, vice president of marketing and operations, SunFX
  • “Our Thalgo Self-Tanning Cream contains anti-aging ingredients and incredible hydrating ingredients, as well. I think sunless tanners have come a long way since the early days. Currently, consumers can get tanned in less time, treat the skin, not have to worry about discolored sheets, get dressed immediately after application, and not worry about turning orange from the formula. These are just a few of the benefits.”—Beth Ann Maloney, trading and education manager, Thalgo USA


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