Tips Your Clients Need for Protecting Their Skin During Summer Travel

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While traveling can be a great experience, it’s important to remember to protect your skin when spending long hours in the sun or on car rides to get from place to place. Here are a few tips to remind your clients before they head on vacation this summer.

Some travelers believe airport outfits are the most crucial part of traveling because they need to feel comfy while sitting for a couple hours, but it’s even more important to remember to make sure your skin is getting the same amount of attention as well. When flying, there is dry and recycled air being circulated through the plane, which can be very damaging and drying to the skin. To avoid your skin going dry while on your flight, pack a travel-sized spray toner to give your skin some TLC several times in-flight to keep your skin nice and dewy, and be sure to point the air vent away from your face. Eucalyptus and menthol may make the skin smell refreshing, but avoid products including these ingredients as they are extremely drying. While adult beverages are very tempting to help travelers get through a flight, just remember if you find yourself indulging in a drink or two to stay away from Bloody Mary’s, as the canned tomato juice has a high concentration sodium which can also dry out the skin. 

Before heading out on a road trip, apply SPF products to your entire body at least 15 minutes before hitting the road. UVA rays are strong enough to go right through light summer clothes, and exposed elbows and arms get the most sun exposure which could lead to sunburn. While fun, it’s best to avoid sunroofs and convertibles because the most skin damage is done to the head and neck during sun exposure.


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While getting ready for a day out on the water, make sure to apply—and reapply—sunscreen every two hours to keep your skin protected from UVA rays, especially if you are swimming or sweating. Break out your best hat to protect your neck and head from sunburn and windburn, which is very painful and leaves behind damaged skin. Stay hydrated by drinking water and eating antioxidant-rich foods like watermelon to protect your skin from free radicals which makes the skin age quicker. Fresh sea air does promote a balance of a positive mood and reduces stress, but make sure to rinse off that salt water as soon as possible and moisturize your body.

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