Corinthia London Announces Partnership with Celebrity Doctor Barbara Sturm

ESPA Life at Corinthia // Photo Credit: Corinthia London (Photo Credit: Corinthia London)

Corinthia London’s new partnership with celebrity aesthetic doctor Barbara Sturm, M.D., brings six new specialist facials and a range of products from Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics to ESPA Life at the Corinthia, the hotel’s award-winning spa.

“Having worked closely with Barbara and her team for some months, we are thrilled to announce this carefully considered partnership which will see a new treatment offering within our luxury spa ESPA Life at Corinthia” says Corinthia’s managing director, Thomas Kochs. “We recognize our guests’ need for results-driven treatments and love Dr. Sturm’s anti-inflammatory philosophy, cruelty-free products and her approach to skin health.”

The new signature Instant Glow Facial ($242, 60 minutes; $353, 75 minutes with micro-needling) aims to cleanse, nourish, and awaken the skin to restore the complexion’s natural glow. Light-reflecting pigments in the brand’s glow drops leave the skin with a visible, youthful radiance and even out any irregularities on the complexion. 

The Super Anti-Aging Facial ($453, 90 minutes with micro-needling) replenishes moisture reservoirs with mesotherapy to bring a smoother, more youthful appearing complexion, promoting the skin’s natural barrier function, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The meso pen uses fine needles to create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin to trigger collagen and elastin, allowing for the deepest absorption of hyaluronic acid. 

Specially made for those with darker skin tones, the Darker Skin Tone Facial ($279, 60 minutes; $391, 75 minutes with microneedling) uses potent active ingredients to hydrate and calm the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation while minimizing pores and helping to prevent breakouts. Additionally, the Brightening Facial ($279, 60 minutes; $391, 75 minutes with microneedling) sets out to decrease hyperpigmentation and gently brightens the skin using natural ingredients while combatting the oxidative stresses that cause premature aging and dark spots. Skin tone is boosted and appears more luminous from the shimmer particles included in the brightening serum, face cream, and lotion, which provides essential moisture and rejuvenating anti-aging powers. 

Formulated for blemish-prone skin, the Clarifying Facial ($310, 60 minutes; $422, 75 minutes with microneedling) directly improves the skin barrier and helps to restore its natural balance. The active ingredient complex reduces discomfort, alleviates skin sensitivity and redness, and addresses the signs of aging and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Customized for the specific needs and challenges of men’s skin, the Men’s Facial ($279, 60 minutes; $391, 75 minutes with micro-needling) cleanses, tones, soothes, and comforts irritated skin—especially after shaving—by removing rough or dry skin, promoting skin regeneration, and fighting the signs of aging, under eye discoloration, and puffiness. 

The products offered from Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics are specially designed for a range of spa treatments, each with a rejuvenating effect to create a more youthful-looking completion while detoxifying and relaxing the skin. They were designed by Sturm with the goal of combining nature and science to create a dramatic and immediate effect on the skin, free from synthetic fragrances, aggressive preservatives, and mineral oils. 


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