Experience a Spiritual Reawakening at the Playa Grande Spa by Solmar

Playa Grande Spa by Solmar at Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) invites guests to experience Temazcal (120 minutes, $139), a traditional ceremony meant to refresh and motivate participants.

The Temazcal ritual is part of Mexico’s rich culture, integrating traditional practices and natural products. Using an ancient steam method, the experience clears the mind for a fresh outlook on life. Temazcal takes place in a brick-and-stone dome, led by a shaman who guides guests to complete serenity with the four elements – earth, water, air, and fire. Then, using fresh handpicked mint, rosemary, and aloe vera, the shaman gently pulses negative auras out of the guests’ bodies. These practices are meant to evoke healing emotions and encourage guests to reconnect with their genuine selves. The entire Temazcal ritual aims to balance mind and body in a spiritual reawakening. 

Temazcal offers a unique experience in a relaxing resort environment. There is a minimum of two guests per experience. Booking information can be found at solmarspacollection.com



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