Prose Nail Boutique Franchise Expands Nationwide

The interior of one of Prose's Arizona boutiques. // Photo courtesy of Prose.

Prose nail boutique franchise has announced plans to expand into 12 states. Joining the two existing Arizona locations, Prose has signed area development agreements to open boutiques in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, North and South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

“We're delighted to see how quickly the Prose brand has resonated with our members and guests,” says Dave Crisalli, Prose founder and CEO. “As a result, this has attracted the most well-respected entrepreneurs in the franchising world. I am thrilled to be partnering with great leaders. Our market developers are incredibly experienced and deeply committed business leaders who are in a prime position to bring the PROSE healthy and beautiful lifestyle to more communities across the country.”

Crisalli attributes Prose’s on-trend services and customer experience to captivating the interest of potential franchises and market developers. After eight months in operation, Prose aims to incorporate its curated natural and results-driving products and protocols into each of its upcoming boutiques. Similarly to the current Arizona locations, the new boutiques will offer phone plugs, purse hooks, customized pedicure chairs, hydrating and nourishing refreshments, and environmentally friendly and enriching products to guests. The new locations will also offer Prose’s risk-free membership program, which offers access to a number of customized services, savings off both services and retail products, and free family and friend transfers.


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“The brand’s approach is refreshingly different and better,” says Craig Flom, market developer for Prose Colorado. “The Prose team has taken the time to design every detail to be both healthy and beautiful, so guests and members can unwind, feel pampered and renewed. There’s a need for a national brand, like Prose, that can provide consistently high levels of professionalism, no matter which boutique members visit. My team and I are excited to bring a refreshing and healthy hand and foot care experience to not only women, but men and children as well, in Colorado.”

Prose is seeking developers and franchisees to join the brand in its nationwide expansion. Visit for more information."


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