Secrets From the Treatment Room: Kitty Chaos

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In this series, spa directors and industry experts share some of their most memorable spa experiences. Read more below:

As a spa manager at a luxury property, you are often called upon to help guests in some very unique situations and you must remain professional at all times. A guest approached the front desk, extremely distraught, near to tears, saying that she needed help looking for something in the locker room. I walked back to the women’s changing room with her, and she said that she had brought her cat along with her to the spa and somehow the cat had escaped from her bag. I asked her cat’s name, then proceeded to quietly call the cat from every nook and cranny around the spa as to not interrupt other guests. After about an hour of searching, I returned to the front desk to check in on the spa staff and see if there were any found cat reports. Much to my surprise, the guest had checked out, paid in full for her service and never returned again. As to her cat? Your guess is as good as mine.—Jessica Timberlake, public relations manager, Eminence Organic Skin Care


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