Secrets From the Treatment Room: No Namaste

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Spa directors and industry insiders share some of their most memorable spa experiences with American Spa. Here's what happens when a spa-goer practices yoga in an odd place.

“It was a cold Saturday afternoon in December in Skaneateles, so most of our guests were relaxing in the spa’s cozy and tranquil resting area where we have comfortable chaise lounge chairs that surround a heated foot pool with a large rock in the center. As I was making my usual rounds and checking in with our guests, I was surprised to find that a young scantily clad woman had climbed in the foot pool and was on top of the large rock, where she was not only lounging but also practicing her best yoga moves. Although I was impressed by her determination and happy that our serene and unique setting was so inspiring, I had to approach her – in the middle of downward dog –to politely ask that she vacate the rock, as it was unsafe for physical activity. I can only imagine what our other guests were thinking at the moment.” –Catherine Sinclair, spa director and resort manager, Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skeneateles, NY) 



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