Five Tips for Clearing Crystal Energies

Photography: Getty Images

Because crystals hold and transfer energy, they sometimes need to be cleansed. “Cleansing crystals helps to discharge any negative energy and recharges them,” says Andrea S. Barone, founder of Crystal Hills. “It is also essential to research your crystal and take careful note of the directions, as some crystals cannot tolerate certain cleansing methods.” Here are some popular cleansing options:

  1. Pass a tuning fork over the crystal to bring it back into harmony.
  2. Place it in a crystal singing bowl. Then play the bowl for several minutes, creating a strong vibration to drive out any negative energy.
  3. Use a smudging stick, typically sage, to envelope the crystal in the stream of smoke.
  4. Submerge the crystals in sea salt, Himalayan salt, or raw brown rice for 24 hours. Then dispose of the salt or rice, which absorbs the negative or unwanted energies.
  5. Place them under the moonlight to help absorb their energy.   

While there are a variety of ways to cleanse your crystals or reset their natural vibrational frequencies, it’s important to realize that some methods may not always produce the desired results. For instance, exposing them to the sun is a popular method, but it can also fade them. For best results, consider the type of crystals you’re cleansing, and don’t hesitate to test out various methods to find the one that works for you. Says Barone, “A benefit of cleansing your crystals is that you will be left with a crystal that resonates with the pure, harmonious energy for which it was intended.” 


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