Four DIY Skincare Products to Make with Clients

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Spas are always looking for new ways to engage with clients. While DIY is a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, offer your clients a safer alternative to get their hands dirty by making products at your spa. For a more unique and customized experience, consider making your own texture-changing products or letting guests in on the fun by allowing them to create their own.

“Spa-goers not only want effective products that improve their skin and overall beauty but they also love fun and memorable experiences, too,” says Le Mieux Cosmetics’s Janel Luu. “Texture-changing skincare offers a ‘surprise factor’ that people love, because it creates an entirely new experience that’s not only effective for the skin but is also fun and exciting for the consumer. We all want to add a little spice to our lives, and these products offer a duality that is different and even customizable.” Here, Luu offers some examples:

  • Create your own texture-changing products based on the needs of your clients’ skin. Take what you already have in your spa. For example, everyone has clay, cream, and exfoliants. Mix one part clay mask to two parts cream. Massage the formula into the skin, leave it on, and then remove it. The clay mask provides deep-pore extraction and contraction of pores, while the cream hydrates, moisturizes, and adds nourishment that the clay mask doesn’t have. During the next session, add one part cream exfoliant to the above mix to create a different texture. This DIY texture-changing combination helps smooth skin. 
  • Change the texture of a water-based gel by adding a few drops of natural oil or a facial oil. 
  • Add a drop of gel cleanser to a powder mask to add effervescence to plain old cleansing and exfoliation. 
  • Add a few drops of brightening toner to an enzyme mask to add luminosity and prepare the skin for brightening ingredients in a serum. 


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