Four Texturing-Changing Products You Need to Try

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There are several different types of texture-changing products available today, and each kind offers a different sensation and benefit to the skin. Here, Janel Luu, CEO and formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics, shares some of the most common texture-changing formulas:  

  1. Powder-to-Fizzy Foam: Due to the obsession with Korean beauty, the powder-to-fizzy-foam masks are popular because the sensation is an unusual, effervescent "snap, crackle, pop" sensation—almost like tiny Champagne bubbles tickling the skin as cells are oxygenated. These masks have lightweight molecules that penetrate pores more easily and help oxygenate the skin, which improves circulation and radiance.
  2. Bubble Masks: Bubble masks provide a sensorial quality that is exciting for clients. It’s a great surprise during a facial. Even with eyes closed, clients feel a gentle popping on their face and a playful tickling on their nose. Bubble masks are a fun and effective way to hydrate and oxygenate skin and even provide a brightening effect.
  3. Powder-to-Rubber Masks: Powder-to-rubber facial masks have been around for a long time, but now there are different textures added to them, such as oatmeal and herbs, which intensify the sensory experience. Powder-to-rubber masks intensely hydrate and drive ingredients deeper into the skin. Clients are also seeing results. For example, a powder-to-rubber mask provides intense hydration that creates a dewy glow.
  4. Clay-to-Cream Products: Clay-to-cream-based washes and masks are popular for a wide range of skin types and conditions because they blend deep-pore-cleansing ingredients from the mineral-rich clay. Also, the added emulsifiers and other ingredients that make the product into a cream are well-tolerated, even by dry skin. These face washes and masks contain deep-cleansing clays that are good for sensitive, oily skin, and because they transform into creams, they are also great for dry skin.


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