How Spas are Dealing with the Changing Views on Hair Removal

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Views on beauty constantly change, and what was once considered beautiful and desirable might very well be the trend to avoid years later. Here are some of the ways in which views on body hair have changed:

“There is a shift in the hair removal world, specifically among millennials, to be natural with hair growth. It is common to see full underarm hair or long grown-in hair on the legs. Many millennials are still true believers in waxing, but the shift is slight yet real. It really is an individual choice whether to remove hair or not. It is interesting, however, that while a shift may be occurring among women, the opposite is occurring among men. Men are waxing in record numbers. It has become mainstream for men to receive regular waxing services.”—Cali VanAelst, national training director, Perron Rigot

“Brows have definitely had an escalating trend toward big, bold brows embracing a more natural look.”—Jeane Richmond, senior educator and technical trainer, Satin Smooth, and owner, XO Skincare by Jeane Richmond

“Years ago, woman would use hair color to touch up intimate areas as hair ‘down there’ would start to turn grey. More baby boomers have turned to ‘just take it all off’ with a Brazilian or French bikini service, which helps them feel cleaner and younger.”—Normajean Fusco, owner and president, Equibal Labs

“The Brazilian wax increased in popularity in North America in the '90s when celebrities and TV shows started to feature the service. This trend continued into the 2000s as the removal of all hair in the intimate area became the norm. In most  recent years, there was a shift back toward leaving behind hair in the bikini area. Although hair removal is a very personal preference, trends and fads do have an impact on waxing service popularity. As a spa owner, it is good to adapt your service menu to accommodate the various changes, such as offering the Brazilian in addition to the classic bikini and a version of the landing strip.”— Lindsay Miller, president, Lycon USA 


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